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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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we begin tonight with breaking news out of northwest d.c. police are looking for the man who shot a woman along the 700 block of o street in the shaw neighborhood. we've got a picture tweeted to us by someone who lives in the neighbor. police say the woman has life threatening injuries. they're looking for a suspect with long dreadlocks last seen on a dirt bike. good evening. i'm bruce johnson. >> i'm lesli foster. two near drownings in 24 hours
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in montgomery county and first responders are reminding us to be cautious around pools. this is something we see every year at the start of the summer season and mola lenghi is live at shady grove adventist hospital where today's victim is recovering tonight. how is he doing? >> reporter: still recovering. first responders tell us that so often on these memorial day holiday weekends people begin the day enjoying themselves poolside and end the day at a hospital, best case scenario lucky to be alive. it's the unofficial start to summer. pools are finally open, families all outside. >> everybody has been cooped up all byrne trying to get out. it's a nice day high to mid-80s already. pool was open for the first time. >> reporter: open to the possibility of drownings. >> the early part of the season is always problematic. i think kids aren't really in our swimming safety yet. >> reporter: an adult male at
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a private pool in potomac sunday night and a young boy in rockville monday afternoon. >> the next thing you know the boy was on the bottom of the pool. >> reporter: her husband was near the drowning boy when a lifeguard alerted him. pierce and the lifeguard jumped in. pierce got there first. >> i was actually pretty calm. something just said he was going to be al >> when i saw him dive under, i realized something was wrong. >> reporter: a nurse from pierce with cpr. >> he wasn't breathing, so we started compressions and gave some breaths. finally he started choking up. >> reporter: the boy finally began breathing and was rushed to the hospital. his uncle is grateful for pierce and the nurse's quick actions and still questions why the lifeguards were not quicker. >> what is a lifeguard's job to, call 911 or react on scene? >> reporter: pierce, a former lifeguard, is not as critical. >> you got to have your eyes on
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your kids. >> reporter: because lifeguards he said have to have eyes on many kids all at the same time. >> it's important for caregivers, family members to watch over their kids. you know their tendencies. when they're in trouble, you recognize that before a life guard. >> reporter: again the boy who we're told is 5 or 6 years old is recovering at the hospital tonight and is in stable condition. live in montgomery county i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. >> because of cases like this, first responders advise all of us to learn and practice cpr. this memorial day was filled with somber memories of service members killed defending the united states. from arlington national cemetery to the parade in downtown d.c. people in the area paused to remember the fallen. we send garrett haake to the vietnam veterans memorial tonight where people are still coming in the closing hours of memorial day. what did you find down there
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tonight? >> reporter: every year about 4 million people come to walk the length of the wall to my right. tonight people seemed to walk slower, linger longer and we hope absorb a little more. dust at the vietnam war -- dusk at the vietnam war memorial where 58,000 dead and missing servicemen keep watch. among those who came to pay their respects to those remembered here, clyde rector from south carolina. >> during' '68. >> reporter: rector was looking for a friend who believed in his country, if not in its wars. >> he didn't carry a weapon, didn't believe in killing. >> reporter: at the center of the wall where names of the fallen power over visitors rector reflected on the meaning of this day. >> i had a lot of friends that were killed in vietnam. it's a time to remember them, a
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time to remember the country, what it stands for, just a time to hope young people will come back to being patriotic. >> i feel honored and privileged to be here. >> reporter: a few sections of wall a few thousands lives away alex veering was imparting that lesson to his son. >> i just hope that they understand that freedom is not free, that there's a cost to the things that we enjoy every day. >> reporter: on another day or in another place that thought might seem cliche, but here with those 58,000 keeping watch it echoed. >> you think of all of the families, fathers, mothers, daughters and sons are all represented here. i think it's very personal, the enormity. >> reporter: there are still folks showing up tonight to walk the length of the wall in almost complete darkness. the veterans we spoke with today, i think they'd say that's the way it ought to be.
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garrett haake, wusa9. memorial day celebrations took place across the washington area earlier today. thousands gathered for the annual ceremony at arlington national cemetery. president barack obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns and he spoke about the sacrifice so many americans have made. >> each simple stone marker arranged in perfect military precision signifies the cost of our blessings. it is a debt we never fully repay. >> the president noted this is the first memorial day in some 14 years that has been observed th wiout u.s. forces engaged in a major ground war. it was a beautiful day for a parade along the mall. the national memorial day parade swept past the city's monuments and museums and the thousands of spectators who lined the streets. amid the service members and marching bands were dozens of world war ii veterans who
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served as grand marshals of the parade today. a nice night after a hot day. it's a pattern we may have to get used to for a while. >> first alert meteorologist howard bernstein is here. >> got into the mid-80s this afternoon, 85 in wash, and the inner harbor -- in washington and the inner harbor in baltimore. the heat and humidity will be increasing. tonight clear skies overhead. we may get a few patchy clouds, but the showers to the west we won't see until tomorrow afternoon. tonight we'll dip into the 60s for the most part to near 70 for the low in town. some low 60s in some of the outer suburbs like frederick 62 with manassas. overnight we'll dip in town to the upper 60s. tomorrow we'll warm quickly, sunshine in the morning, 84 by lunchtime with a high in the upper 80s. we got to watch for the threat for late afternoon, evening storms, best chances west of i- 95 and more storm chances for the middle of the week. back with your full seven-day
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forecast in a few minutes. tonight police are searching for possible accomplices in the d.c. mansion murders. the only person now in custody is daron wint, but remember the four people traveling with him when u.s. marshalls caught him late -- u.s. marshals caught him late thursday? police released each one, yet investigators believe more than one person carried out the killings since the three adults and 10-year-old boy were held several hours before they were stabbed to death and the child both stabbed and burned. former fbi criminal profiler mary ellen o'toole says investigators might need to look for someone who has invaded homes before. >> most people if they're inside a stranger's home would be upset, they'd be nervous, scared. you don't see that in this case. you see offenders who stayed in that home for multiple hours, 10 or 12 hours, and during that period of time they're involved
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with inflicting extreme damage to these victims. >> killed in their woodley park home was savvas savopoulos, his wife amy, their son phillip and their housekeeper vary radio figueroa. -- vera figueroa. figures show this has been the deadliest month in baltimore in 15 years, 35 people killed. police are investigating at least 26 shootings and nine killings that have taken place over this memorial day weekend alone. we haven't seen an explanation for the increase, but police commissioner kevin davis says the city's violent criminals are acting with impunity right now. >> law enforcement, public safety and the community will persevere over this small number of bad guys carrying guns, pulling triggers killing people in our community. >> it is disartening that we're
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seeing such -- disheartening that we're seeing such an increase in violence, especially when you think about the progress we've made. >> somsae y this may be a soon of a police department stretched too thin. police have not indicated if any of the shootings this weekend are related. no arrests have been made. a senior federal law enforcement official tells the associated press that cleveland reached a settlement with the u.s. justice department over a pattern of excessive force and civil rights violations by the city's police department. the news comes two days after a white police officer was acquitted of manslaughter for shooting 15 rounds through the windshield of a car carrying two black people back in 2012. that case prompted an 18 month investigation by justice department. as millions of americans traveled this memorial day, anonymous threats were made against several commercial airliners. one was serious enough the u.s. air force scrambled two fighter jets to escort a passenger
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plane to jfk airport. emergency vehicles surround the two airplanes at new york's jfk airport monday afternoon. both were kept far away from the terminal after someone called in threats. according to investigators, the anonymous caller said the air french plane on the left was carrying chemical weapons. it landed after getting an air force escort to the landing strip. >> stay below 7 and we've got the fighters beside. >> reference that you can climb to whatever altitude you're requesting. >> reporter: most passengers knew nothing until they landed. >> didn't know about it at all. >> reporter: hear them? >> no. i had a window seat, nothing. >> a lot of police cars around and fire reps cue vehicles. it was clear something was happening. >> reporter: no hazards were found on board ever plane. similar threats nearly interrupted a flight from england and three planes were searched at north liberty international airport. one law enforcement source now believes there were about 10
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threats to airlines monday. authorities at the mchenry state police barracks in maryland say they received a call around 6:30 a.m. with threats to commercial aviation. they do not believe any of those threats were credible. no arrests have been made. officials are concerned the attention from the media might encourage copycats. tonight one person is under a doctor's care at uva medical center following a crash on i- 64 in albemarle county. virginia state police say a buick suv flipped onto its roof after colliding with a volkswagen beetle. interstate 54 was shut down about an hour while the scene was cleared. police and school officials are not laughing after a school prank in st. mary's county. students showed up to a high school last week to find about 72,000 ladybugs crawling around the place. one of the suspects had allegedly ordered the bugs off
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the internet. investigators arrested seven young people, four of them juvenile. they face burglary and property destruction charges tonight. ism coming up the maryland men's lacrosse team tries to follow in the footsteps of the women to bring home a championship to college park. >> also coming up more rain is falling in texas where a dozen people still missing after floodwater swept away their vacation home. >> but up next caught on camera a waterspout takes a bouncy house for a ride with children
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traffic still heavy on the chesapeake bay bridge tonight as thousands of beachgoers make their way home from the long memorial day weekend. as of an hour ago, a 5-mile backup leading up to the westbound span of the bridge. maryland transportation officials predicted more than 360,000 vehicles will cross the bay bridge both directions between last friday and tonight. >> this looks like the most traffic we've seen on this span all day long. could be a rough ride home tonight. caught on camera a bizarre accident along a beach in ft. lauderdale, florida. a waterspout formed offshore, then hit the beach which lifted a bounce house right into the
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air. three children were in there. >> oh, bounce house! [ screaming ] >> there's kids in it! [ screaming ] >> holy [ bleep ]. >> oh, my god! >> i saw people screaming. the next thing you know i saw the bounce house lift up in the air spinning around and i saw my two cousins fell out on the sand. it was spinning around. it broke the basketball goal. it broke the light poles and kept spinning and that's when the other little girl fell out on the concrete. >> we don't know anything about how those kids are doing, but the bounce house hit and broke a utility pole and finally fell near a parking lot. police say that bounce house was properly secured, but it just could not withstand the force of that waterspout. we've seen those bouncy houses move from time to time when it's too windy, but a
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waterspout? gee whiz. insult to injury tonight in parts of texas, oklahoma and arkansas where more rain is falling on towns already dealing with major floods. >> 12 people still missing tonight after their vacation home was swept away by floodwaters. omar villafranca reports from wimberly, texas. >> reporter: drone footage shows what was left after the blanco river in hayes county, texas, rose 20 feet an hour this weekend. several homes ripped from their foundations including one with 12 members of two families still inside. rush brushaber helped shelter some of his neighbors who were in trouble. >> gordon said here comes my house and within minutes his house floated by. >> reporter: rain started falling again monday raising concerns there could be more flooding. >> obviously this rain and weather is starting to change gears a little bit. we don't know what to expect, but we're ready. >> reporter: the governor
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toured the damage and compared the wave of water to a tsunami. >> you cannot candy coat it. it's absolutely massive. >> reporter: in amarillo a 3- year-old boy was killed sunday when floodwaters flipped a vehicle and he was trapped inside. in desoto near dallas a 14-year- old boy and his dog apparently drowned in a storm drain. >> it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: elsewhere in the state there were successful rescues including this kayaker in austin pulled to safety. omar villafranca, cbs news, wimberly, texas. >> at least five people were killed this weekend by the floods in texas and oklahoma. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> here we're tracking your holiday installment of the 3- degree guarantee. >> i was forecasting a high of
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88. we got to 85. so that is within the 3-degree guarantee. i didn't change it. that is correct, not wrong. yeah, we missed it yesterday. we've only missed it three times the entire month. the warmest may is in 1971. so far we're running in the fifth spot. we'll make no. 2, might make no. 1, but i think that's a tough go. this evening 75, comfortable, south wind at 9, humidity up a bit, dew point at 60 feeling a little bit on the humid side. temps still above 70 degrees, 69 in annapolis, andrews 67 67, 60s in the mountains. more heat and humidity tomorrow and for much of the week with temperatures way above average.
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thunderstorm threat tomorrow afternoon especially west of washington and scattered storms wednesday, thursday, friday more likely in the metro. want to talk about big storms in texas. they had massive flooding in austin tonight with 6 inches in three hours, numerous severe storms. we have all these tornado watches still lined up from texas through the lower mississippi valley. we have to watch the moisture coming out of the gulf because that will get closer to us. the first batch will be tomorrow afternoon in the form of showers and storms mainly west and of washington, better chances by midweek. forecast tonight, clear to partly cloudy, 60s, low 60s in the cool spots, upper 60s in town. tomorrow see sunshine in the morning quickly climbing in the low to mid-80s by lunchtime, upper 80s for a high. there's the threat of a late afternoon evening storm. most of that is to our west.
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wednesday and thursday we may have to go yellow alert days. we got to watch for the thunderstorm threat those days, still in the upper 80s. the weekend with a little luck we'll cool down to the lower 80s by sunday, but with a nearby front still we need the rain, but we don't need what they've had in the plains, what a month in texas and oklahoma. frank, what do you have for us, lacrosse? >> some lacrosse, one more win for maryland, national champions, but denver had over 20 million kids everyday in our country lack access to healthy food. for the first time american kids are slated to live a shorter life span than their parents. it's a problem that we can turn around and change. revolution foods is a company we started to provide access to healthy affordable,
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kid-inspired chef-crafted food. we looked at what are the aspects of food that will help set up kids for success? making sure foods are made with high quality ingredients and prepared fresh everyday. our collaboration with citi has helped us really accelerate the expansion of our business in terms of how many communities we can serve. working with citi has also helped to fuel our innovation process and the speed at which we can bring new products into the grocery stores. we are employing 1,000 people across 27 urban areas and today, serve over 1 million meals a week. until every kid has built those life-long eating habits, we'll keep working.
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sfx: (engine roars) now wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> maryland lacrosse has been runners-up seven times since they won the national championship in 1975. they did not want to do it an eighth time, terps taking on denver for the championship from philadelphia. terps huddling up trying to get ready for the pioneers, but it was a slow start for maryland. the crowd on hand there and the terps quickly down 4-1. matt rambo would try to get maryland back in it with the quick over the shoulder shot, but that cut
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the lead only to two and denver kept maryland on its heels. wesley berg, one of his five goals on the day, as the denver pioneers denied denver the title, 10-5 the final score. >> once everyone gets a day or two to step away from this whole weekend and kind of look back on how far we've come as a team, i think everyone won't look at this year as a disappointment. >> if you're an alum or you're from the state of maryland, i don't know how you couldn't be proud of just the grit, the heart and resolve these guys showed all year. with bryce harper in the nationals starting rotation, nats starting a new set in chicago taking on the cubs who are actually finally competitive. to wrigley field, tanner roark getting the first start of the year, good d.c. support in
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chicago, roark solid except for this. 1-1 in the 1st. that was all the scoring until the 6th. wilson ramos at the dish goes opposite field, right center field, a home run. nats up 2-1. drew storen closes the door. roark gets the win as the nationals have now won eight of their last nine. those astros at camden yards, matt wieters trying to get back healthy for the birds. two-run homer to left in the 2nd inning and orioles go up 2- 0 , but they go down 3-2 in the 7th inning and steve pearce puts one to right center, a two- run shot. baltimore would come back and win 4-3. in baseball you can't use any illegal substances. you also can't put a foreign substance in your body or on your body. ryan matusz is suspended eight games after pitching with a
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foreign substance on his arm. could be some pine tar, vaseline. we don't know. maryland lost to michigan in the title game, but it had gone in the large bid for the ncaa tournament the second straight season. terps will held to the los angeles regional to play ole miss on friday. everybody used to try the old hidden ball trick in little league, usually never worked. in a high school semifinal game in colorado the last out came courtesy of a more advanced ball trick. see how he fakes like he overthrows sethe guy on second falls for it and gets caught in a rundown and they tag him out. then they wi championship because of that play. it wasn't the old -- >> they fell
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take us into the seven-day. >> we'll be in the 60s. tomorrow back in the mid-and upper 80s with afternoon storms west of i-95. we've got a better chance in the metro wednesday, thursday and friday with the heat and humidity, more afternoon storms, so a very summer-like week coming up. we should be in the 70s to near 80, about 10 degrees warmer. >> we can get through that. >> my ac is working. i hope yours is, too. >> that's wusa9 ne
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